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About the Development

Development for Burning Crusade has spanned years behind closed doors and is designed to emulate a World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade server up to retail standards. Using publicly available data, we have tackled the fundamental issues that remind players that they aren't playing on official servers. Our software is the product of closed source development around clean professional programming standards. The goal of the project is to produce a complete and satisfying experience.

What engine you are using? Most projects like this are based on MaNGOS.
A brand new engine. Our first priority was to create a modern codebase using C++11/14 which required starting anew in most areas. Although we use public information from other projects for communication, authentication, pathfinding, etc., the majority of the code in our software is our own.

Is there anything that separates Burning Crusade from other projects?
Our standard is Blizzard's standard and we expect our software to perform at an industry level. We recognize frivolous bugs as an inevitability but do not plan to open our realm until we're convinced the gameplay is devoid of any issue.

How will your realms be configured, in regards to gameplay?
Our realms are intended to be an authentic experience. Every dungeon, raid, and quest will be available at release. We will include attunements and related quests that were later removed by Blizzard during The Burning Crusade expansion. Additionally, we will be balancing and designing encounters according to their "pre-nerf" statuses. That encompasses health, damage, timers, immunities, and so on.